Pierre Jambet

Backend web developer

I am a developer, specializing in backend web development. My strengths include Scala, Ruby on Rails and Django, and I also have experience with iOS and frontend javascript development.

Professional experience

  1. May 2021 - Present -

    Senior Software Engineer at Shopify

    • Payments Infrastructure Team
      • Resiliency improvements with load shedding
      • Database sharding with Vitess to support 400k+ checkouts per minute
      • Architectural decisions and in code reviews to maintain code quality and consistency
      • Cross-functional collaboration to ensure seamless integration and functionality of payment systems
      • Open source contributions such as new features added to shopify/semian
  2. Jan 2020 - April 2021 -

    Software Engineer at AWS, New York

    • Member of the launch team for AWS Proton
      • Backend development: Kotlin and DynamoDB
      • Authored internal design documents
  3. Oct 2019 - December 2019 -

    Senior Engineer at Transfix, New York

    • Maintain and improve the EDI platform to manage Motor Loads lifecycles, from tendering to invoicing.
  4. Mar 2014 - Oct 2019 -

    Senior Staff Engineer at Harry's, New York:

    • I joined the web development team as the fifth full time engineer and contributed to its growth. The team has currently more than 20 full time engineers.
    • I have been a core member of the interviewing team, helping put together an interview experience that emphasizes candidate experience by having a pair programming session instead of writing code on a whiteboard.
    • Contributed to writing internal design documents such as RFCs for major projects.
    • Helped setting a high standard of code quality, especially through code reviews on Pull Requests .
    • Gave internal talks on topics such as Pull Requests best practices, error handling in Scala and lesser known database index types, BRIN indexes.
    • Ran an internal Scala class to help other engineers learn more advanced topics in Scala and Function Programming.
    • Development of the e-commerce platform. The following is a highlight of my many contributions to the platform:
      • Major contributor to the design, conception and implementation of the extraction of our first service from our RoR monolith to a Scala app, using Play. This service handles the payment and fulfillment phases for all orders on harrys.com and shopflamingo.com in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It leverages Akka Stream to handle the processing of tens of thousand of orders every day.
      • Contributor to the development of our second service, acting as the backend API for shopflamingo.com, which is static website build using GatsbyJS.
      • Implemented the Ruby API used by the iOS application
    • Backend development: Ruby on Rails and Play (with Scala)
    • Frontend development: Javascript with React (and Mootools)
    • Open Source Projects:
      • Dynosaur: Autoscaler for Heroku dynos and addons
      • Seed Migration: Rails engine to handle data migrations
      • Rails Pipeline: Emit a versioned stream of changes to a pub/sub queue when ActiveRecord models are saved
  5. Nov 2013 - Mar 2014 -

    Backend developer at Fueled, New York:

    • Backend development: Python, Django
    • Frontend development: Backbone.js, AngularJS
    • API Development
  6. January 2012 - Feb 2013 -

    Web developer at Wopata, Bordeaux, France:

    • Full stack developer, Ruby on Rails and RSpec
    • Javascript: jQuery, Mootools, CoffeeScript
    • SQL & NoSQL databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB
    • API Development

Side Project - Rebuilding Redis in Ruby

Rebuilding Redis in Ruby is a project I started in 2020 that intends to rebuild a Redis server from scratch, in Ruby.

The goal of the project is purely educational, both for me and readers and teaches many useful concepts, such as using syscalls like select and how TCP servers function.


Education - M.S. in Computer Science and Management

  1. 2011 University of Applied Sciences, Metropolia, IT & Media Engineering Espoo, Finland
  2. 2009-2011 École d'ingénieur Polytech Montpellier, Informatique et Gestion, France Engineering School (3rd & 4th year) in Computer science and Management, France
  3. 2007-2009 Parcours Ecoles Ingenieurs POLYTECH’, France Université Montpellier II, France



I have a blog! http://blog.pjam.me/

Old Side project: Beech

Sadly the app is not available on the App store anymore, but here is a link to the original design.

Beech is a small project I made with my designer friend, Luc. It’s an iPhone app which allows people to share the beer they love with their friends. Luc designed the app, and I built the entire stack. The client is an iOS app, and the API is a Rails app. It is available on github: https://github.com/pjambet/beech-server.